13 March 2008


We're planning our next move (we've moved every summer since I started this blog; this will be our fifth move in that time) and I was thinking that moving isn't so bad anymore. In fact, there are things that I rather like about it.

You get to live in and learn about lots of new places. A year really isn't anywhere near enough time to learn everything about any place, but it's a lot better than being a tourist for a week. This is why I really hope we can live in China sometime.

You take advantage of the good things in the place you live. We've been having a wonderful time exploring our current city. Even though I'd visited a lot, I'd never lived here before and it's totally different. And living 2 hours from Yellowstone a couple of years ago was heaven.

You get pretty good at the actual move. Our first few moves were pretty stressful, but after doing several I figured out how to do it and it's not such a big deal.

You get to meet all sorts of interesting people. You have to leave them behind later, but the internet makes up for a lot of that. We've totally lost contact with people from the city we lived in New Jersey before the internet had really taken off for the general population, but not so with all the rest. We've had friends from all over the world because we've moved a lot. Of course, we could have just gone and lived in Toronto and saved ourselves the trouble.

You get to start over with a clean house or apartment every year. Nothing gets too gross in a year, even the floor under large appliances.

There are some bad things. It's no fun to load a moving van. And I always have an awful time when I have to come back to the US from living overseas. Just awful. And if your children aren't excited about the move, that's bad too (the boys are excited this time). But moving's not so bad, not really.


  1. This is why I'm having a hard time with the idea of buying a house right now. I love the freedom of being able to move and get to know a new city/state/country. I'm not sure I can mentally and emotionally commit to being here long-term. But after moving so much in the last 12 years (4 different states and 2 countries), maybe it's time to give it a try. My husband and kids are as happy here as they are likely to be just about anywhere else, if not more so.

    Best wishes for your move!

  2. I couldn't buy a house right now. We did build a house a while ago and it was lovely, but it was awful to have to sell it.

    But if I lived as close to Yellowstone as you do, I might buy a house. :)

  3. We have moved something like 18times in the almost 17 years we have been married (and we've lived 4 years in our current house - the first home we've owned). We were moving every 6 months when my first daughter was little. Clutter doesn't build up and I love getting to know a new place. I'd love to move again, but our girls are now at an age where that just isn't good for them (at least the moving every 6 months thing).

    I hope you are moving somewhere fun? Any chance you are moving to Idaho?

  4. I'd love to go back to Idaho, but no, we're going to Washington and we're all happy about that. I'm hoping though we can stop in Boise and see our old house there on the way.

    I don't think I'd want to move as often as every 6 months though. It does take a little while to get settled in.