28 March 2008


There, I finished them all. Eclipse was better than New Moon, but not as good as Twilight.

And yes, it's easy to see what the appeal is for teenage (and maybe even college age) girls. I just don't quite get what adults see in them. There's a glimmer of a good story, especially in Twilight, but this isn't amazing stuff. But now I've read them when people ask.


  1. I agree that's it's not an original idea or great writing, but hey, it's escape fiction and I guess we could use that every once in a while!

  2. No, it isn't good stuff. Yes, Twilight is a good -- perhaps brilliant -- take on the vampire lore. But the rest of it just irritates me. (Though at book group the other night, our 77 year old member was going on about them and was shocked when I said that I didn't like Edward, that I found him too controlling and disturbing. "WHAT!" she said. "I'm so sorry." I shrugged and said, "I don't like men that sparkle.")

    All that said, I'll probably get around to reading the fourth, mostly because I'm curious. But I'm in no rush.

  3. Ah, someone else who doesn't like Edward. I did think he redeemed himself slightly in Eclipse when he finally let Bella be with Jacob if he wanted. But other than that, he really bothered me.

    And I'll probably read the fourth book too. :)

    maw books, I'd probably rather read Jodi Picoult if I want escape fiction. But usually I just reread an old friend.