05 March 2008

The Blue Sky

This was another lucky find at the library. The Blue Sky is by a Mongolian-born Tuvan named Irgit Shynykbai-oglu Dshurukuwaa who writes in German under the name Galsan Tschinag. This is the first book in an autobiographical trilogy.

This isn't a particularly exciting book, but that fit the time and place of the story. It was in the YA section of my library, but I'm inclined to think that this book would appeal more to adults. It would also help to learn just a bit about the Tuvans before launching into the book.

The ending was a bit abrupt, but since it's a trilogy, that's more understandable. Too bad that the rest of the trilogy doesn't appear to be in English.


1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm... interesting. Probably won't read, but glad you enjoyed it. :)