28 February 2008

Fire from the Andes: Short Fiction from Women from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru

I found this book while I was looking for something to read from Peru. It's a collection of very short fiction from about 16 women Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. There is also a short biographical sketch of each of the authors.

I didn't really love this collection though. There were a few stories I liked, such as The Senorita Didn't Teach Me, Wings for Dominga, and Of Anguish and Illusions, but in general, I wasn't thrilled. They just weren't quite my sort of stories.

But you might like them.


  1. Sorry to hear that. (I hate writing reviews of middling books. Someone *might* like it, even if it wasn't me, and I don't want to turn them completely off. It's a tough line to walk...)

  2. Exactly.

    I once had an author of a book I had some complaints about leave an annoyed comment. I obviously hadn't been clear enough that *I* had some problems with it, not that anyone else might have those same problems.