25 February 2008

Faith Rewarded

I only discovered this book by President Monson a couple of weeks ago even though it was published in 1995. It's about President Monson's twenty years as the apostle assigned to East Germany and comes from his journal (with obvious editing).

I enjoyed reading it and seeing a slightly different side of President Monson. He started going to East Germany in 1968 when there was very little church activity allowed and continued visiting very regularly until about 1988, after there was a temple there and missionary work to and from there was about to be allowed.

I particularly enjoyed this book because I know people in Kyrgyzstan in somewhat similar circumstances. I hope though that the members in Kyrgyzstan won't have to wait so long to be able to be fully active members of the Church. Of course, the members in East Germany were lucky to have a GA visiting so often and so much attention paid to them.

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  1. At least the eastward direction is the right way from the focus on the British Isles :)