23 January 2008

Yellow Star

I always stop by the books they have on display in the children's section at the library while the boys are looking for their books and I picked up Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy last week. Yes, it's another book about the Holocaust, but I thought this one was excellent.

It's based on the experiences of Roy's aunt who was one of the few children to survive the Lodz ghetto. Roy wrote the book in free verse which was the perfect choice for the memories of a child. It sounds like a child's experiences and it's certainly a book children can relate to.

Obviously it's a hard book to read, but since it's geared towards children, it's not quite as awful as it could be. But still, since the children of the ghetto were a primary target, it may be difficult for children to read this book. But what can you expect from a book on this topic?

Highly recommended.

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