01 February 2008

Rosetta Stone Farsi

Here's my first review of RS for Farsi (click on "Rosetta Stone" at the bottom of this post for other posts about RS Farsi).

We've had it for about a month now. We had to return it the first time they sent it because we'd ordered the homeschool version because we wanted the extra tests and worksheets, but they didn't tell us that most of the homeschool versions don't come with tests and worksheets. Only languages like Spanish, French, and German have the tests, so the homeschool version really is a waste of money unless you get one of those languages. The only benefit to the homeschool version is that it can automatically keep track of multiple users, but for $40, we can figure that out ourselves.

So we returned the homeschool version and got the personal version instead. It's going fine. I feel like I'm learning, but I really haven't gotten very far yet. It doesn't take a lot of time. I would imagine though that if you want to learn Farsi that it would be wise to learn the alphabet before you start RS; it seems to just drop you into it. We were pleased that they paid for the return of the homeschool version, although it would have been more convenient if they had pointed out that Farsi doesn't have the extra materials. So as of right now, RS Farsi is 4 out of 5 stars.

This has nothing to do with RS, but can I just say that it appears we've finally found a language that is fairly easy to learn? Farsi is refreshingly easy after Arabic, Russian, and some Uzbek and Kyrgyz. The grammar makes sense, lots of the vocab is borrowed from Arabic, or it makes sense since Farsi is an Indo-European language. The alphabet is no problem, and it's just plain easier to feel like we're getting somewhere with Farsi. Finally.

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  1. Maybe this is just me, but I think that Farsi will also be easy to learn. However, I think it has less to do with the language, and more to do with the fact that, like you, I have background in both Arabic and Uzbek. Uzbek, it seems to me, is basically a head-on collision between Farsi and Arabic and Turkish. So, assuming the alphabet is already there, and you have a firm grasp on the vocabulary of Arabic and Uzbek, Farsi shouldn't have too many surprises. Not like Russian, anyway -- still the hardest language I ever learned!