25 January 2008

Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

I can't say I was very impressed with this book. It's got a good title and there is a need for more books like this, but overall it's not a book I'd really recommend, unless you're in need of a youth fiction book about the Cultural Revolution.

I guess that there are so many stories about the Cultural Revolution that need to be told that a fiction book seems unnecessary, even though this was based on the memories of the author. But somehow, it just didn't seem to quite catch and describe the insanity of the Cultural Revolution.


  1. I tend to agree with you. It wasn't a stand-out book in my opinion. And I think a nonfiction title would have been more satisfying to me.

  2. You've read Life and Death in Shanghi, haven't you? That's what I thought of when I read a review of this book over at Becky's. It's the same story, but much more powerful. IMHO. :)

  3. This is the second not-too-stellar review.

    The material sounds interesting though. I think I'll check out some of the other suggestions for this genre.