28 January 2008

It was an eventful sort of weekend here, with President Hinckley's death and a trip to Idaho to see the new Rexburg temple (we ran into some friends from there who told us about all the time the members in the area have put in to make the open house possible).

For me, going to a new temple was exactly what I would have chosen to remember President Hinckley, if I'd known he was going to die this weekend. When I was listening to the radio last night, one of the announcers mentioned that President Hinckley was a builder. And in so many ways, that's exactly what he was.

The temple was beautiful, of course. I particularly liked the artwork, especially the murals in the ordinance rooms and the landscapes from eastern Idaho. It was good to be in Rexburg again. Maybe we really are Idahoans at heart.


  1. I think we'll all miss President Hinckley. Are you going to the Rexburg temple dedication?

  2. We'd like to but we don't have tickets. And not all of the children are old enough to go.