09 January 2008

I'm slowly coming back to the world of functioning brains and clean houses which feels really good. The baby is settling into life and the older boys are settling into their new lives too. This blog hasn't quite recovered yet since it's still pretty boring, but hopefully that will change over the next few weeks too.

Before the baby was born, several mothers of 3 small children (all younger that 5 or 6) warned me how hard it was going to be after he was born because of my two other children. I don't think I managed to convince any of them that a 7- and an 8-year-old are a world apart from 2- and a 4-year-old.

And they really are. The older boys clean bathrooms, can make their own meals, and do most of their schoolwork fairly independently. While they love to play games and read with me, they've also realized that a napping mother leaves them free to do whatever they want. And this morning, they played with the baby for an hour while I slept. They've made life a lot easier these last few weeks. You should consider renting some children this age when your first child is born. :)

It has been a shock though to spend so much time on taking care of a baby again. It's been over 4 years since I'd changed a diaper, and about 3 since I buckled anyone into a carseat. I haven't fed anyone or dressed anyone in years. I'm used to going when and where I want and sleeping when I want to. But all that's changed. Good thing the baby is so sweet. And he really is. I think they get sweeter every time. And I'll figure out a new system. No matter how much people complain, babies really don't take up every second, especially after the first few months. Unless of course, you have triplets.

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