21 January 2008


These are all the recipes I've made from HomeBaking by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid. 3 stars means that it's one of the best around (so I make it again and again), 2 is for good recipes, but I don't make them on a regular basis, and 1 is for ones I probably won't bother with again. Here are the other posts I've done on their other cookbooks: Flatbreads and Flavors, Seductions of Rice, and Hot Sour Salty Sweet. If you've made anything from this or any of these other cookbooks, I'd love it if you left a comment about it.

3 Stars
Free-form fruit galette page 21
Country apple pie in a potato crust page 32
Large-batch whole wheat pan loaves page 156
Country baguettes page 184
Naomi's any-day skillet cake page 349 (Raspberries are best for the topping, but peaches and apples are very good too)

2 Stars
Simplest apple pie page 18
Quick pastry page 20
Dried apple compote page 40
Kazakh dried fruit pastries page 42
Golden mixed-greens pie page 96
Potato pletzel page 74 (my boys loved this one)
Momos (Himalayan steamed dumplings) page 101
Robin's bread page 150
Potato bread page 152
Portuguese mountain rye page 182
Beirut tahini swirls page 244
Russian apple pancakes page 276
New year's pear cake page 342 (I usually use apples)
Brazilian bolo page 352
Uzbek layered walnut confection page 362
Breton butter cake page 363

1 Star
Irish curd pie page 69 (I liked it, but the rest of the family didn't, so I wouldn't make it again)
Easy cheese and bean rounds page 84 (but I want to try this one again)

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