17 January 2008

Flatbreads and Flavors: My Definitive Post

I post about this cookbook by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid all the time (even on the day I started this blog) so here are all the recipes I've tried from it with links if I've posted more about them. The last three that I didn't like so much aren't necessarily bad, I just didn't much like them. \

(Update in 2012) This book is getting a little outdated.  Maybe of the best recipes are updated in some of their other cookbooks. I don't rely on it as much as I used to.

Staples or Recipes I Wouldn’t Be Without
Uighur naan with cumin and onions page 31 (this is a great basic recipe for stamped Central Asian-style flatbreads with a rim)
Oasis peppers page 34 (this is my standard stir-fried peppers recipe)
Afghan Home-style Naan page 38 (I've loved this for a long time, but I think the Home-style Tajik Nan in Beyond the Great Wall is actually a better version)
Chicken Street Kebabs page 44
Batia roti page 130
Paneer page 148
Khubs/baladi page 181
Yogurt and tahini sauce page 226
Chilaquiles page 383

Very good
Spicy cumin kebabs page 35
Snowshow naan page 40 
Mint and yogurt sauce page 43
Apple turnovers page 45
Pitti page 47 
Hushva naan page 55
Barley skillet bread page 71
Spicy peanut sauce page 82
Baobing page 85
Nuoc cham page 109 (I usually use the version from Hot Sour Salty Sweet)
Chapatti page 123
Ghee page 129
Puri page 142
Fatteh djaj page 187
Hot chile bread page 201
Khubs zatar page 207 
Sesame bread rings page 209
Tunisian oasis breads page 263
Lavash page 283
Pizza with rosemary and garlic page 333
Tortilla soup page 382
Chicken enchiladas page 388

Not Quite Favorites
Besan roti page 147
Sorghum breads page 189
Injeera page 269

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  1. I was reading through one of the CIA cooking texts the other day and happened to glance thru the "recommended reading" section in the back and they list this book... I'm still determined to get my hands on it as I love the HomeBaking one. Thanks for the definitive overview!