22 August 2007

If I Tried to Get Security Clearance...

Afghanistanica points out some of the reasons why US government security clearances are few and far between now for some people. Since I've done at least half the things on the list of rejections, I'd better not apply anytime soon. It's particularly silly now when there are few people who even know much about this part of the world.

10 August 2007

I expect the dismal blogging record to continue till September when it will both be cooler and we will have moved. I am so looking forward to this move. And I don't even have to worry about it much because we are HIRING MOVERS. What a novelty. But there are no other options since my husband still is not well and I don't care to move the piano on my own. We're only taking a few things, so they won't even have much to break.

And there is a decent bus and train service and almost everything we need will be in no more than a mile away.

But the thing I'm looking forward to most is living in a more international city. Yes, there are plenty of Spanish-speakers in our current town, but I don't speak enough Spanish to be useful. I need a big city where people speak Arabic and Russian and Persian and sell tandoor naan. The city we're moving to barely qualifies, but it does.

09 August 2007

A Different Meme

At least it's one I haven't seen before. It's from Tina at Hearts Wide Open. She recently adopted a beautiful child from Kyrgyzstan. Lucky.

1. I am: American.

2. My kids are: American.

3. I first started thinking more about race, culture, and identity when: Probably when I was 10 and I went to a different school that had a few kids who weren't white. I didn't think about it much though. Race was a non-issue in our family.

4. People think my name is: English, and it is. That is my maiden name is.

5. The family tradition I most want to pass on is: Learning

6. The family tradition I least want to pass on is: Can't decide

7. My child’s first word in English was: I can't remember for either of them. Probably Daddy.

8. My child’s first non-English word was: Probably something in Spanish (various body parts, and caballo was a hit for years), but possibly Arabic. The next baby is likely to know some Russian or Persian.

9. The non-English word/phrase most used in my home is: There are several that I use every day. Nyet, ne nado, mozhne, nilzya, la timsaku, yallah, bistro. Most of these mean hurry or let's go or no or something like that. I tend to correct my children in other languages.

10. One thing I love about being a parent is: Homeschooling so I can spend more time learning with my children

11. One thing I hate about being a parent is: When you don't know what to do to help a child who is struggling.

12. To me, being an anti-racist parent means: Talking about race and culture in a positive way and often. But also talking about how race and culture have been used negatively so often.