31 December 2007

I may not get around to posting every day, but I am thoroughly enjoying all the reading I can do right now as a breastfeeding mother. I honestly can't think of anything more pleasant than having to curl up with a book and my baby 10 times a day (well, I guess I skip the book at 4 in the morning). It makes it all worth it for me.

I did read an article once that said that nursing mothers shouldn't be reading and such while feeding their babies; instead, they should pay attention to the baby. Lovely idea, but it gives me a seriously sore neck to look down at my baby while he's eating. I'll pay attention to him when he's in a better position.

It will be nice in a few more weeks when we're ready to take on the world again. But for now, it's nice to just do the basics. And babies have a way of making you remember the basics.

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