11 December 2007


I had a nasty sore throat (complete with inflammation and white spots) last week that, as usual, wasn't strep throat so the doctor couldn't do anything about it. When my throat gets inflamed, ibuprofen is the only thing that helps with the inflammation (except suffering with it for about a week; throat lozenges don't touch inflammation), but my doctor didn't want me to take that (she didn't have any other suggestions though) since I'm pregnant. So I had to figure out something else.

And for the first time ever, something besides ibuprofen helped. I'd read before and again early last week that honey is good for coughs and the throat. So I tried swallowing a spoonful of honey when my throat was keeping me awake at night. I was able to get to sleep and in the morning the inflammation was gone.

Don't think this is a particularly pleasant solution. Swallowing a spoonful of honey is worse than swallowing two ibuprofen. And just putting the honey in hot water didn't seem to be enough. But it's always on hand and you can take it when you need it. Of course, it might have just been a coincidence, but I'm grateful for anything that lets me sleep right now.

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  1. Ben told me yesterday that honey is supposed to help with coughs and sore throats. I am glad you tried it out for us!