31 December 2007

Dreams from My Father

My husband got this book for me for Christmas. This is Barack Obama's first book, published 12 years ago before he was elected to any political office. It's basically a memoir of being raised by white parents and grandparents, but also the influence of his Kenyan family and also the years he spent as an organizer in Chicago. There really are three separate parts to the book and in the end they all tie together.

Hillary might not have been impressed with his international experience consisting mostly of a few years as a child in Indonesia, but I'm a lot more interested in a president who obviously has had a wider variety of influences than your typical white born-in-America candidate. And so I particularly enjoyed reading about Obama's years in Indonesia and also his family in Kenya. Obama writes very little about his mother, something he says he regrets in introduction to the new edition.

Overall I very much enjoyed this book and will see if I can check out The Audacity of Hope from the library. Both my husband and I are very interested in a candidate that will clearly send a message to the rest of the world that America has elected someone different. I am interested to see who will come out ahead in the primaries over the next 5 weeks.

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  1. Did you also enjoy the shame he felt for being half white, refusing to identify himself as a member of both races? Did you enjoy the influences of his classmates and ministers who believed that white people were the enemy and that blacks should unite against a common enemy? Yes, Obama is very careful with his words so as not to admit that he joined their cause, but how many years can you sit there listening to this rhetoric from high school all the way to the current stuff coming from his pastor and not be influenced?