01 January 2008

2007 in Books

It looks like I reviewed about 80 new-to-me books this year which isn't too bad considering I read almost nothing new all summer. I don't know how people can do challenges like the 888 challenge where you pick 56 books you're going to read for 2008. How can you possibly know what you're going to want to read for an entire year? The whole thing would seem like a job, and that wouldn't make reading very interesting.

Anyway. There were some great finds this year. Elizabeth Wayland Barber's books were all fascinating (here, here, here, and here) and I wish there were more. I finally read The Great Game and liked it more than I thought I would. Some of the books I read for the Reading Across Borders challenge were excellent, like Suite Francaise and Ancestor Stones (and Forna's other book I read, The Devil that Danced on the Water). And there were some great travel books, like From Heaven Lake, News from Tartary, Forbidden Journey, and A Women's Asia. And I loved Guests of the Sheik and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. And So Many Enemies, So Little Time was a lucky find.

It's nice to have a record of what I've read.


  1. I can't even decide in advance what I want to read for the "Expanding Horizons Challenge", and it is only 4 books!
    I know (or "I think") I will choose four books by African authors...I thought of being more specific and doing four Nigerian authors but I've already ruined the challenge by starting too early and reading "things fall apart".

    Happy New Year, wishing you and your family the very best.

  2. I couldn't decide in advance either, but Melissa said it was okay. :)

    I'll probably read 6 books, but I'll find out at the end of March which ones I read. :)