27 November 2007

Oprah Keeps Stealing My Books

Just this week I found out that Oprah's current book club book is the very same book my husband's uncle recommended to me recently. No wonder there are so many holds on the book at the library. But how often does your spouse's uncle recommend a book? (I ended up skimming the book since I wasn't will to commit to all 1,000 pages, especially fiction, so I won't do a review here.)

The same thing happened with Anna Karenina. I did not read that book because Oprah said I should. But it looked like I did because of the timing.

I don't have anything against Oprah's book club; in fact, I think it is wonderful. Anyone who promotes books like she does is doing a good thing. But I just don't care to look like I need her suggestions. :)

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