27 November 2007

I wasn't really all that busy over most of the weekend, but I'm still a lazy blogger.

I was looking back over the last few years to see what I'd written other Thanksgivings and found this post with a long list of things I'm thankful for. I'm still thankful for all those things, but this year the list is much shorter- only one thing, and that's to have my husband back to normal after almost two years of nerve and back pain.

I'm thankful for the baby too, but a little nervous too (we've been a family of 4 for almost 3/4ths of our marriage; it will be very different to change that). But there is nothing but joy in having my husband back. I'd forgotten what normal could be like.

I'm sure things will be fine with the baby and soon it will seem odd that we only had 2 children for 7 years, but going to 3 seems odd from this end. And the gap is so huge. Someone referred to this baby as a caboose baby recently. I suppose he is. One of the books I read recently said that every child in the family has a different mother (When All the World Was Young, maybe? it was one of the memoirs) and I imagine that will really be true for this little boy.

He's still nameless. The name we both like just doesn't work in the US though, especially in the state we're living in right now.


  1. I really should have known that your husband is feeling back to normal...but I missed that. Hooray!!!!!!! I am glad he is better before this little baby joins your family--a daddy's help and support is so important.

    I am so curious what the name is that you and your husband both agree on that just wouldn't work. =)

    Oh yes, one more thing, is your little boy aware he needs to make his appearance while we are in the same state as you? (he is allowed to come before we show up, if necessary)

    Love you!

  2. You'll have to think of a different place to ask me about his name since we'll probably call him by this name even if he's not named that. So I don't care to write it here.

    My babies don't seem to be very organized so I can't make any promises. Right now it doesn't look like you should be too hopeful.

  3. I do think every child gets a different set of parents and obviously more so when the spaces between the children are greater.

    Our 3rd baby was the EASIEST so far of our 5. I wish you the same experience. His older brothers were 9 & 5 when he was born so he too might have looked like a "caboose" but he's far from that now as we contemplate a 6th child!

    Good luck with the name. Names are SO important. With our last child, Niall, we did not happen upon the perfect name for him till just a week before he was born.