10 November 2007

I Didn't Finish a Book Today

So I have to think of something else to write about.

I could write about what we're going to name this baby. The other two boys had names long before this and it's annoying to not have something to call this one. He has had a middle name for months, but it's not a name you'd generally call a person. I'd like a name that doesn't sound outlandish in the US, but that works in Central Asia.

I could write about the book I'm reading that's going slowly because it was written in Chinese. I always have trouble keeping track of the characters in Chinese books because they are referred to in so many different ways. Even if there is a handy chart at the beginning of the book, it doesn't always solve the problem.

I could write about vouchers, but that argument is old, especially since it was soundly defeated in Utah this week. But that's old news. It's a bit newer that Mitt Romney thinks homeschoolers should get a tax credit.

I hope it snows this weekend.


  1. Well, I don't the other children's names, but I was a big fan of "Daniyor." It's the Muslim version of Daniel, so he could always be Dan or Danny in the states. And I think Central Asians would respect the name "Daniyor." Just a thought!

  2. I've been thinking about doing something like that, using a name that is familiar in the US and has a Arabic/Muslim equivalent.