03 November 2007

The Carpet Wars

This book by Christopher Kremmer tells about his travels in Asia in the 90s. A lot has changed in the area since then of course, but it's still an interesting look at Central and South Asia and you'll learn a bit about rugs along the way (I had hoped there would be more about carpets and less about war).

I skipped parts that were more about people fighting each other and I was also disappointed in the section on Tajikistan. Kremmer only went there for a route into one area of northern Afghanistan and only spent a short time in Dushanbe; I would imagine the only reason it was even included in the book was because the civil war had only recently ended.

It was a perfectly fine book, just not what I was looking for. There are better travel books out there about Central Asia, although I enjoyed the end of the book much more that the middle or beginning.

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