17 October 2007

The Saffron Kitchen

This book by Yasmine Crowther was another quick read. Unquestionably the best thing about it was that is a largely set in Iran with many Iranian characters, but the book has very little about politics or the government in Iran, which was refreshing. The reader is better able to see why Iranians love Iran than in many books where you wonder why anyone lives in Iran at all. When an Iranian behaves well or badly, it is not because s/he is Muslim or a woman or a man or restricted by culture, but simply because that's what that person chose to do.

I had trouble really feeling much sympathy for Maryam, even with the revelation in the last few pages of the book. It was entirely expected and comes up in so many books now that it loses its impact. But the book was mostly told from Sara's point of view, and I imagine that if we'd had more of Maryam's thoughts, I might have felt differently.



  1. AAAAHHHH! I'm reading it as we speak. So far, I enjoy it.

  2. Nice of Karen to recommend it.