11 October 2007

Please to the Table

Nyura has been singing the praises of this book for a long time, so when I happened to see it at the library, I picked it up. I have to admit that I hadn't looked very carefully for it before because I'd never gotten past the subtitle of The Russian Cookbook. I was assuming it was mostly Russian recipes with a few from other parts of the former Soviet Union and maybe a handful from Central Asia.

But the subtitle is wrong, as many reviewers at Amazon also point out. There are plenty of recipes from all over the former Soviet Union and a fair number from Central Asia, although the emphasis is heavily on Uzbekistan. It has hundreds of recipes for all sorts of dishes (although I would have liked more salad recipes; I've not found very many salad recipes from this area even though several salads are featured at many meals and should be featured more prominently in cookbooks from the area) and interesting descriptions and details about different areas of the former USSR.

Recommended. If you do buy it, consider purchasing it here (I assume this fundraiser is still on, but I don't know for sure).

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  1. Wow, Amira, thanks for plugging the Mittens for Akkol fundraiser. Nanci says it's still active, and they've got hundreds of pairs of handknit socks (and hats and sweaters) to deliver to Kazakhstan by New Years.

    I've also made the belyashi from the cookbook -- someday I'll actually have time to write about it. They were good.