13 October 2007

I heard from the Mittens fundraiser and it is definitely still on. They are planning on having a new website up next week that will make it easy to buy Please to the Table and donate to the fundraiser.

I had grand ideas of posting pictures today, but I didn't. We've been dyeing wool with KoolAid. The whole thing bothers me somehow, but it's cheap and easy and safe. We don't have a wide selection of KoolAid around here though; we need some blues. I think I'll try some other food colorings next week. Then we can just dye our own wool and I can buy the inexpensive and easy-to-spin white roving that every spinning place carries.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning about using Kool-Aid for dye. Ben and I were talking about it a few hours before you posted that. It may solve our problem. Thanks!