06 October 2007

Dislocating China

I didn't have time to get all way through this book because I had to return some books a lot earlier than I planned on, but I'll get it again when I get a chance because it's a very interesting book by Dru Gladney. The subtitle is Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects and covers a fascinating range of subjects from Kazakh genealogy to cultural villages to Chinese films and so much more. It's also very readable and not at all dense. Recommended.

Of course, our friend Seth Frantzman, the expert on everything, thinks the book doesn't accurately distinguish between religion and ethnicity and complains that Gladney is too sympathetic to Muslims. Apparently Franztman doesn't realize that, for example, the Hui are a regularly defined minority in China and that being defined as a Hui is a result of Muslim heritage. In this case, ethnicity is almost exclusively about religion and Gladney is simply following Chinese minorities policy, not making anything up.


  1. Ugh! Seth Frantzman is so annoying! I especially like how at the end of his profile description he states abruptly "oh, I only date non-white women", as if he expects to have to beat off women with a stick after they see his impressive reviewer ranking.


  2. I think it's this author (Gladney) who's got several fascinating documentary video segments of an ethnic Kazakh seasonal migration (in Western China) on Google video and also on his website http://www.drugladney.com/video_kazakh.html

  3. I've never read his profile that carefully; apparently he only improves upon further acquaintance.

    Thanks for the link Nyura, I'll see if my dialup connection can handle it. :)

  4. Seth Frantzman is first and foremost a Zionist- and, frankly, Jewish-Master-Race-thought policeman, ever vigilant like a human GIYUSbot for the least hint of dissent, anywhere on Earth, anytime. What Bobby Fischer was to Jews, he is to Moslems and Arabs.

    But it doesn't stop there. The whole Third World is simply a horde of mud race Communists who need the boot, and any dissenters to that must be set straight as well. He particularly venerates the former South African regime. In that sense I almost like him. He really, really exemplifies what I tell people about the worst Zionists - South African apartheidists plus a Teflon CYA factor. If he didn't exist, he'd have to be invented. He has that Oded Yinon, Clean Break tunnel vision and sense of entitlement that must have driven the Hitler Jugend forward.

    Also amusing is that a typical Seth Frantzman Amazon spam could be done by a Perl script. Pro-Zionist book? The most important book on .... not pro-Zionist? "comical" He's the McDonalds of "reviewing" - over 6 billion spammed.