10 October 2007

Backstrap Loom

I've been spinning for about 7 years now. I don't have much equipment since it's not very practical in a family on a tight budget who keeps on moving. But I'm happy without a spinning wheel and drum carder and another spinning wheel for traveling and various skein winders and different types of looms and...

But I still want to learn to weave, so I think it's time to put together a backstrap loom. Even though these looms are largely associated with Central America now, they were one of the earliest looms to have been used all over the world.

Backstrap looms are extremely portable and inexpensive to put together (the two most important features for me), but you can't weave a particularly wide piece of fabric on them. See this link for an example of a piece from a backstrap loom, and scroll further down to see several strips of fabric sewn together. (These pictures are from k'tach, which means weaver in Russian and is rather an interesting blog, despite the all-too-common cat pictures that so many crafters seem to find necessary.)

So maybe in a few weeks or months I'll be able to post pictures of my own loom and maybe even something I made. Hopefully.

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