17 September 2007

Ten Circles Upon the Pond

This is a somewhat different book from what I usually read and I enjoyed it. Virginia Tranel is the mother of 10 children and she writes a chapter about each of her children. Even though the chapters are titled after each child, they really aren't just about her children, but the things she learns about them, and from them, over many years. Her children now range in age from about 30-50, so she has a fair piece of experience to draw on. It really is a lovely book and recommended.


  1. I'm starting to have this strange feeling that you are deliberately reading books I've read . . .

  2. It should. After we moved and I couldn't find my book list, I went through your blog and Melissa's for some suggestions. More of yours were at the library that day than Melissa's, so that's how it happened.

  3. As a mom of 6 this sounds like a wonderful book. I am very interested in finding a copy.

    Thanks for the review

    (I found you through "Sat. Review of Books")