26 September 2007

The Tarim Mummies

I think this will be the last mummy book for a long time because I've seen enough mummy pictures to last me a long time. Honestly, if I were an archaeologist, I wouldn't be interested in finding the people I was researching, just the stuff they left behind.

Anyway, this was another good mummy book by J.P. Mallory and Victor Mair, two undisputed experts who are well-qualified to write this book. It's more detailed than Barber's The Mummies of Urumqi and covers more territory as the authors try to pin down the origins of the various mummies and cultures from especially the first millennium BC in east Turkestan. They explain things well, and like Barber, don't assume a lot of prior knowledge.

This book is longer than Barber's and not quite as readable. I'd recommend Barber's book if you're just interested in this topic, but this one too if you really want to know more about it.

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