11 September 2007

The Mummy Congress

I've had this one kicking around my reading lists for a while and had a chance to read it this summer. Heather Pringle writes an interesting introduction to the mummies of the world. If you're looking for much detail, this isn't the place for it, but it's a good general survey.

Pringle is an engaging writer that takes what many might consider to be a gruesome or at least slightly icky subject (I always have trouble getting past the ickiness when I'm reading about mummies) and writes a readable and not-so-very-icky book.

Not surprisingly, my favorite section was on the mummies of Central Asia even though, since it was an introduction, there wasn't anything new there. Pringle's discussions of the social and cultural implications of various mummies is also fascinating even though I find it misleading when you're talking about the Urumqi mummies to talk about Europeans in China.



  1. Hehe... I was reading along just fine until I reached the line when you wrote "many consider to be a gruesome or at least icky subject.." And all I could think was - why are mothers icky and gruesome? Then it dawned on me you were not talking about Mothers at all. I've gotten so used to Mothers being called mums and moms..:)

  2. Maybe I should have pointed that out first. :)