06 September 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I spent most of June and July rereading books, including all the Harry Potter books with the goal of finishing book 6 just before 7 was released so I'd be ready. I didn't go to one of the midnight parties, but I did pick it up the next morning at around 8 so I could get my sleep. Worked nicely. :)

And I loved this last book. It was the perfect ending to this series (and I honestly don't see how the Christian anti-Harry Potter crowd can complain anymore since the religious/Christian overtones couldn't have been more obvious). It did get a little rambly in the middle, but I was willing to overlook that because I wasn't anxious for the book to end too quickly.

Recommended. The whole series is. And go read Russell's blog about HP. That was the best place for it the week after the release.

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