26 September 2007


Fiber project: Spinning wool with older son to crochet a blanket

Book: Forbidden Journey

Quilt: Machine-pieced 5.5-inch squares scrap quilt. I would rather be handpiecing.

Weather: 60 degrees. Perfect.

Tasty thing: Bulgur pilaf with tomatoes and onions

Piano music: David Lanz

Food experiment: Kefir

Level of activity: Almost none, but at least I don't have to stay home all the time

Homeschooling status: It seems we're having a nice unplanned break

Dinner plans: Mashed potatoes with biscuits and gravy

Sound: Older son playing the piano, younger tooting a flute

Added later...
Husband's health status: He doesn't have MS or diabetes or B12 deficiency or a slew of other weird things.


  1. kefir...wow.

    The Bulgur pilaf looks fun. Kind of like plov?

  2. Well, sort of like plov, since all the pilafs and plovs and pilaus and such are similar. But this bulgur pilaf isn't your every day pilaf. It's heavenly. :)

  3. I am glad your husband isn't suffering from the list of possibilities. Kefir, an experiment? Making your own?

  4. Will you share the results of the kefir experiment? I've made it at home, but never got it quite how the kids remember it.

  5. I'll do a post on the kefir when I get a chance since people seem to be curious about it.