22 August 2007

If I Tried to Get Security Clearance...

Afghanistanica points out some of the reasons why US government security clearances are few and far between now for some people. Since I've done at least half the things on the list of rejections, I'd better not apply anytime soon. It's particularly silly now when there are few people who even know much about this part of the world.


  1. Wow, that's so sad. It seems the very people who might be the most useful to our country, and know the most about the areas of concern, are rejected BECAUSE they are so qualified. It's paradoxical.

    I have many friends from other countries because I've been hanging out for ten years online where the only borders are linguistic. I'm interested in other cultures and languages because I'm educated, and I've read books from many places. I see all humans as one family because understanding of science and nature teaches me that it's the literal truth, and because my religion concurs that it's also the spiritual truth. I expect these things would cause some to consider me disqualified from serving my country. That's a shame.

    If we're going to require a narrow parochial view in order to count someone as "on our side", if xenophobia is necessary for patriotism, then we besmirch the very ideals America is founded on.

    America is more than just a place, it's a concept. The struggle to preserve America takes place as much in our hearts and minds as it does on any battlefield.

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