17 July 2007


The only worthwhile thing about summer is the fruits and vegetables. That's it. And the fruits and vegetables are best in the fall anyway. So let's just skip to late September, shall we?

But I'll like the dried apricots and prunes and the peach and strawberry and apricot jam in the winter. It really is worth it, isn't it?


  1. Oh my goodness, the summer is my favorite time of year! How sad that you want to skip it. It's the wintertime I need to skip. Summer is watching the sun go down while eating a late dinner outside. Summer is lightning bugs and the chorus of crickets singing their allelujahs. Summer is looking at M13 in Hercules, and the summer triangle, Bootes, the Swan, and the Eagle in velvety skies. Summer is soaking up the sunshine and turning a delicious shade of brown, with just a tinge of pink on top, a slight sting on the skin, and the warm relaxed feeling that comes from swimming all day and walking in the soft white sand. And even after all these years, summer to me is still the infinite stretch of time before returning to school in the fall. Summer is a season of joy for me, before the sadness of autumn. I love the summer. =)

  2. I do like starwatching in the summer. I go out every night before I go to bed. I just hate to be hot. I could deal with summer better if there were more cloudy days like today where the temperature is 85.

    I'm glad someone loves summer. I'll enjoy winter for you. :)

  3. Oh, thank you! I actually did enjoy a winter day, once, with the same sort of physical enjoyment with which I am accustomed to enjoying summer. I went "hunting" with a friend, really just an excuse to mess about in the woods, something I hadn't done much since childhood. We woke before dawn, dressed in layers and layers of warm clothing, trudged a few miles through the cold and dark with heavy packs and rifles on our backs. Then we shinnied up trees a well-defined difference apart, and, drenched in sweat by this time, proceeded to sit completely still while all that dampness slowly froze to our bodies.

    The silence of the deep woods is something amazing. A squirrel sifting through leaves for a snack makes a noise louder than a 200 pound buck. I heard Pileated Woodpeckers calling back and forth, and listened to their deep slow hammering. After seeing no deer for 3 hours or so, and unlikely to now since the morning feeding time was past, we climbed down and hiked back to the truck, then stalked through the woods with shotguns, following sign and trying to scare up a buck who might be hunkered down for a nap. Several more hours passed in this pleasant way, and much delightful communing with wildlife and nature, when at length I became quite tired, and sore, and hungry, but felt perfectly warm and exhilarated despite parts of me being very cold and other parts being downright hot. The peace that soaks in under such circumstances surpasseth all understanding. =)

    Finally we hiked back to the truck and drove into the hunting came in time to eat the most tasty and satisfying meal of my life to date, venison cooked in the crockpot by one of the hunting camp wives. Perhaps if more winter days could be like that one, I would come to worship the wintertime as I do now the summer sun. I would love for that to happen.

    I hope you can someday love summer, too, or else I will be glad to love it for you. =) I find that doing my cardio training outdoors beginning in early spring lets my body become perfectly acclimated to the heat, and I'm good up to 110 or so, as long as I keep hydrated. I sweat freely but feel no discomfort. But every body is different. Myself, I am a tropical beast.

  4. Can I whine?

    We're not getting peaches here this year. We were going to, but we had a freeze in early April and it killed all the peaches. (whine, whine) Killed off the raspberries, too.

    Know anywhere I can get peaches out there in early August? :)

  5. You know, for actually doing things outside, I like spring and especially fall best. I like to go to Yellowstone and the ocean and the mountains in the fall. That's when it's perfect to me. Spring is nice too, but then I like to be home watching the garden wake up. It is harder to enjoy the winter though, because it takes more preparation. But to not be hot for a few months...

  6. Melissa, you should be able to find plenty of peaches while you're here. It's hard to exactly predict when there will be peaches, but everything is a few weeks early this year. There are several orchards by my house I can point you to.

  7. I love late summer and early fall when all those luscious fruits and vegetables are abundant. Raspberries and corn on the cob are among my favorites.