04 June 2007

Dolina Geyzerov May Be Gone

The world's second largest geyser field (link in Russian), Dolina Geyzerov in Kamchatka, has apparently been deluged by a mudslide. The mudslide dammed a river and apparently flooded most of the existing geysers.

This geyser field was little known outside Russia till the early 90s, but as more scientific research has been done, this geyser field was proved to be one of the most significant in the world. This would be like the Lower Geyser Basin in Yellowstone being destroyed. I can't even imagine.

I guess Kamchatka isn't on my list of places to visit anymore. Unless, of course, something new comes up there. You never know with geysers.


  1. This link is a good reason to persist in learning Russian :)

  2. I imagine you haven't heard anything about this there, have you?

  3. Well no. But for all I understand everyone may be talking about it. But I certainly doubt it. I'll ask some people at English and find out.