02 May 2007

The Tulip Revolution

I stumbled on Erica Marat's The Tulip Revolution: Kyrgyzstan One Year After at the library a week or two ago and sat down today to read it. It's only 123 pages long, plus about 25 pages of notes and indexing and a handy chronology. She covers everything in the first year after the March 25, 2005 revolution that brought Bakiev to power in Kyrgyzstan. The final page or two summarizing the aftermath of the revolution was spot on.

Obviously this isn't a book that will appeal to lots of people. It could also be fairly confusing if you're not already familiar with the people in Kyrgyz politics. And I particularly liked it because I was in Kyrgyzstan during most of the time the book covers. It's an excellent little book and definitely the one to turn to for a concise summary of Kyrgyzstan during 2005 and early 2006.

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