18 May 2007

So since I'm still wiped out with gardening (I'm almost done!), I'm doing Melissa's 8 random things. I'm not tagging anyone, so I'm not putting up the rules. You're welcome to leave some interesting things about yourself in the comments though, if you'd like.

I've never read Gone with the Wind and I certainly don't plan to any time soon.

I've never been to Europe except in a handful of airports (Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, London, and Istanbul, depending on your point of view).

I've never lived by the ocean, and I'd like to. Any ocean would do, like the Pacific Ocean around Kamchatka.

I'm not impressed with most American or Kyrgyz food. Luckily it's easy to find other food in both the US and Kyrgyzstan.

I think plain homemade yogurt or Arby's sauce can fix almost any American or Kyrgyz food. Even hamburgers are edible with enough Arby's sauce.

I don't like fresh tomatoes. (So why did I plant so many tomatoes? Salsa.)

I wish I lived in the mountains in Asia.

I wish I could travel around Central Asia (taking a broader view of the area) and document bone games. I honestly think this would be about the coolest thing ever to do.


  1. What do you define as American food??

    I was going to post that I liked eating out, but am almost always disappointed when I do. I like my homemade food better.

  2. American food is stuff you get in little towns and baseball games. Some of it's good, but mostly it's really not that healthy. I'll take street food in the Middle East or China any day.

    I really like to eat out. I love my own cooking, but I love to try new things and I'd rather try new food that's made by someone who knows how to do it.

  3. If you go to an American place overseas, you're going to be served pizza or hamburgers or french fries and things like that. Even though you really can't define American food, there are some things that always are American.

  4. Like McDonalds in Germany, right? I see what you mean. Though I liked the street food in DC and New York. But baseball park food, I'm with you there. Yuck.