25 May 2007

Not much time for blogging. We went to an IKEA grand opening yesterday (swarms of employees), ate out twice (I'm lucky to eat out once a month, not twice a day), husband was sworn into the state bar (please, no more bar exams), read lots (I have 3 books to review), locked the keys in the car for the first time in 14 years (some friends took us home), and walked a lot (tired feet today).

And now I'm getting ready for a jaunt that will look a lot like the one we did last October. Except the lilacs will be blooming instead of the trees changing colors. But we'll visit lots of little towns like St. Charles (the sculptor of Mount Rushmore was born there, but we care more about the ancestors who were buried there), Hyrum (lots and lots of ancestors here), and Grover (they have a great little cemetery- maybe I'll be buried there instead of Swanlake).

I'll try to get the book reviews done before I go.


  1. You never cease to surprise me. I would never had expected to read that you went to the grand opening of IKEA. Shock. ;-)

  2. My husband and I love IKEA. I wouldn't have voted for going to the grand opening, but since he was driving, I tagged along. :)

  3. I love IKEA. I tried to talk my husband into going down there this weekend, but he's too swamped with work (he's a lawyer - one more thing we have in common).

    I imagine it will be a madhouse, but I probably only have a few more weeks where I can even think of traveling. Oh well. I wish they sold more things online.

    Have a fun trip!

  4. what kind of lawyer is your husband? I might need one someday.

    I've never been to IKEA, I've heard of them on tv, like on game shows when they give away stuff from IKEA. How are their prices?

  5. Even though it is close by, I haven't been to the new IKEA yet. I can't stand crowds, so I think I will opt to wait until people aren't calling it "the new IKEA store".