02 May 2007


I've just finished the final book in Lois Lowry's trilogy that started with The Giver. Messenger is an excellent completion of Kira's and Matty's and Jonas' stories (Gathering Blue is the second book.) I thought it was a thoroughly satisfying and meaningful book in every way. I didn't think it could possibly top The Giver, and it doesn't, but at least Messenger comes close.

Messenger followed the same theme as The Giver and Gathering Blue- that we all choose how our societies run. Jonas' community decided that they were afraid of choices and so they removed almost any opportunity to make choices. Kira's society decided that they can't afford to keep anyone who doesn't fit in. And Matty's Village chooses selfishness. Lowry has a knack for telling a good story but making you think.

If you haven't read any of these books, they really are worth reading. I'm looking forward to reading them with my own children in a few years.


  1. One thing I am coming to enjoy about kids' series/trilogies is how the second and third books often develop or introduce themes that I didn't really see in the first book. The themes of self-sacrifice and environmental death & rebirth are kind of in all three of these, but are fully explored in Messenger. Have you read either of Philip Pullman's trilogies yet?

  2. I agree. I felt that Messenger really pulled everything together from the entire trilogy and completed it.

    The only book I've read by Pullman is The Ruby in the Smoke many, many years ago. Do you recommend the His Dark Materials Trilogy?