13 May 2007

Help the Children of Baghdad

The son of a friend of mine working in Iraq needs help with an Eagle Scout project. He is arranging to send school supplies to two primary schools in a village near Baghdad. The local military unit will help deliver the supplies to the schools. There are about 300 children in the two schools.

You can mail the supplies directly to Iraq using the APO below. It should cost about a dollar per pound to mail a package to the APO (this is amazingly inexpensive). Email Matt Wehle to let him know what you send to the APO: wehlematt@hughes.net

Washington Group International
c/o Mark Wehle- Al-Quds Power Plant
Humanitarian Aid Project
APO AE 09348

A few other guidelines:

Ship the supplies in boxes no larger than 12x12x12
Do not send white paper- they have plenty of white paper
The supplies need to be sent before June 5th

Do send:

Scissors, especially small round-tipped ones
Lined writing pads
Colored pencils and sharpeners (non-electric)
Finger paint
Colored construction paper
Math manipulatives
Staplers, staples, paper clips, rubber bands
Paintbrushes and paints
Metric rulers
Simple coloring books
Picture books
Manila folders

If you have other ideas, email Matt at the above address to confirm it with him.

Even if you can only send a little, this is a worthwhile project, especially since the shipping is so convenient.


  1. What a great idea! I will write him.

  2. Your friend in NovgorodMay 15, 2007

    How about you use some of our money and add to the stuff you mail?