16 May 2007


I've been working on the garden. 11 tomato plants, 3 cucumber mounds, 3 zucchini, 2 pumpkin plants, 5 hot peppers, basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme, sage, carrots, and corn. And various flowers. The raspberries are covered with bees, the peas are thinking about blossoming (maybe they won't). The corn and carrots aren't in yet. They'll get tucked around the trees. I'll see how they like it. I wish I'd planted garlic in the fall because it would be almost ready now. Nothing tastes quite as good as fresh garlic.


  1. Oh gardening sounds so awesome! I wish I could have a garden. One year I finally tried one, and spent hundreds on seed, stakes, plant food, and mostly on water to water it, but only got 2 squash and one zucchini and a few green beans. I decided I don't get enough sun here. Also, I messed up my back turning over the hard dirt, and two years later it's still giving me trouble. So my garden turned out to be a big failure, but still I love the idea of growing vegetables.

  2. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Getting a garden started is the hardest part. Once you've got it going, it gets easier every year. But that first year can be too much (believe me, I know). I'm lucky this year to live in a place where there's a garden already set up. All I had to do was get my nephew to till it and screw a few PVC pipes together to water it.

  3. The first garden I planted was about 5' by 5' and we were so excited at the corn and peas and carrots. I think I even had a tomato plant. I love broccoli grown in the garden. One year I planted pumpkins and mashed them and made pies. Yum!

    Bill always has a perfect garden, and probably will again this year. I can hardly wait for fresh tomatoes.

    Where are you Amira?