19 April 2007

Stacks of Bread

All I've done the last few days is bake bread. All sorts of delicious bread. It's perfect for today, since it's 35 degrees outside and snowy. I've tried several more recipes from HomeBaking, all with perfect results. I'm so glad Shea mentioned it a few months ago or I might never have bought it. Have I ever mentioned how much I like her blog (click on Shea above for the link)? They adopted one of the babies I knew in Kyrgyzstan and I LOVE to see pictures of him. He looks wonderful now. I particularly like the picture of him asleep in the walker.

Anyway, I've made Robin's Bread (that's what the lower picture is) and the Country Baguettes again and today I'm baking the Portuguese Mountain Rye again (I'll have to take a picture of it; it's a neat-looking loaf- I did it and it's the top picture. Too bad you can't smell it.) and I've got the sponge for the Large-Batch Wheat Bread sponging. And I made my favorite naan from Flatbreads and Flavors since we're having salsa for dinner.

The trouble is I bake all day and by the time we get around to dinner, I don't want to make anything else. And I'm full from snacking on bread all day. The mountain rye is heavenly with a roasted garlic clove spread on top of it.

Do you ever make breakfast burritos? I just do simple ones with scrambled eggs and cheese and green onions. Younger son likes them a lot, but they're tricky for him to eat since the egg fall outs sometimes. So today I did the eggs more like an omelet for him and just rolled it up in a tortilla. It worked much better.


  1. I can totally empathize with the whole baking bread thing. Love to bake. Need a stone. (Have you seen the Year in Bread blog?)

    I'm sorry it's 35 degrees and snowy. I wish spring would just come. And stay.

  2. I don't mind the snow. It's 55 now and sunny anyway. Snow never lasts long in April, even if lots comes out of the sky.

    You do need a stone. I use mine all the time. Thanks for pointing A Year in Bread. It looks interesting.

  3. I love breakfast burritos! I've made them with sausage and cheese or with green onions and green chiles... it's definitely yummy! DH likes his topped with spicy salsa!

    Thanks for looking at the pics... I think it's so cool that you knew Beck way back when and can see how much he's changed! He's almost pulling up to stand now and he's starting to say distinguishable words! I have a feeling he's going to be a terror once he's walking!!

    Happy Bread Baking :)