28 April 2007

The Persian Pickle Club

Sandra Dallas' The Persian Pickle Club is a fun little book to read. It's about a group of women in a small town in Oklahoma during the Depression who are part of a quilting group. Persian pickle is another name for paisley and Persian pickle was sort of the starting fabric for the group. There's also a murder mystery tossed in, but it ties in more with the friendship and loyalty in the group than as a who-done-it.

I did wonder about the other women in town who weren't invited to be part of the group, usually because they didn't quilt well enough. The Persian Pickles sounded quite clannish and I imagine that wouldn't have gone over well in a small town. But that wasn't the point here. What I wouldn't give though for a group of women to come quilt an entire top in an afternoon...

Altogether a pleasant book and recommended.

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