22 April 2007

Lonely Books

I checked out a whole stack of lonely books today that had never been checked out. Erica Marat's The Tulip Revolution, which I was pleasantly surprised to find, Colin Thurbron's new book on Central Asia, Shadow of the Silk Road, Food Culture in Russia and Central Asia that I've been looking for for a while, and 3 others. Now at least they all have one stamp.

But I always wonder about who read the books before me when there are just a few people who've ever checked them out, particularly when they're about Central Asia or Siberia. Who wrote the notes in Veiled Empire? Who was the only other person to check out Siberian Village a few months ago? And who in the world requested A Beginner's Guide to Tajiki so I had to return it early? I want to know. Anyone who requests that book has to be at least a little interesting. I should have left a note in the book!

One of the librarians told me a few weeks ago that they use those due date slips to decide whether they ought to replace a book.

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