17 April 2007

A Homeschooling Post

Since I'm always writing about homeschooling. I'm choosing next year's books. It gets easier every year since you figure out what you like, but we're adding grammar and Latin next year, so there are some choices to make. What I really want is to sit down and look at some different options, but there aren't any homeschooling stores around. I'm leaning toward Growing with Grammar and Latin for Children. I want a Latin program that doesn't spell everything out for me (since I know enough Latin to be comfortable with teaching my children), but is also engaging for an 8-year-old. And not horribly expensive.

And we'll get more Miquon and Singapore math books and keep marching through Story of the World and start on chemistry. And drop the spelling books. They are torture for older son and younger son spends his days pretending he's in a spelling bee, so they're worthless for him. I'm thinking Spelling Time might be a better choice (and it's easy and free).

You're welcome to make any recommendations you like.


  1. Grammar: we've done .5 years of Rod and Staff. It works fairly well, can be done almost entirely orally. Many people don't like the worldview; I find that it encourages extreme naughtiness. (i.e., a innocent picture of two kids an a puppy turns into a story about the alien dog that kills the planet.)

    Spelling: spelling power has worked pretty well.

    Latin: we made it through Prima Latina, LCI, and half of LCII before we crashed--it just got too hard too quick and in the middle of moving I didn't want to deal with it. Now I don't know what we'll do.


  2. Er, that's 1.5 years of Rod and Staff.

  3. Someone quipped to me a while back: 'Latin, huh? two weeks to learn - a lifetime to master.'

    I did 8 years of Latin at a toney English prep school. It was the kind of place where the school's own teaching-methods were turned into standard textbooks: case in point - L.A. Wilding, Latin Course for Schools.

  4. We are using Jenney's Latin, which I used at college. Works for us. I like the no-nonsense grammar-heavy approach and the immediate translation and usage exercises. My kids using it are 15 and 12.