23 April 2007

Global Footprints

There are lots of different calculators online that measure your global impact. The first one I tried a year ago was this one, and the results sort of turned me off these kinds of calculators.

Since my particular country at the time wasn't a choice (Kyrgyzstan), I tried a couple of neighboring countries (China and Pakistan). I put in the exact same answers for both countries and came up with very different footprints- 7.6 in China and 1.7 in Pakistan. In the US it's 11 (whether I put in our Kyrgyzstan numbers or our current numbers), but I only need 2.5 planets here. A footprint of 7.6 in China required 4.6 planets.

I just don't think we'd have that much greater negative impact on the environment if we'd been living a couple of hundred miles away in China. Shouldn't the same amount of energy usage result in the same global impact whether you live in Kyrgyzstan or the US? I guess all those high-living expats in Pakistan don't need to worry about their global impact.


  1. Please see the "Global Warming Swindle" at http://www.plnewsforum.com/index.php?/video/&bcpid=78334376&bclid=78383014&bctid=626993303

    There is no causal link between human CO2 and global warming. Correlation does not equal causation. In fact there is a 800 year lag of Co2 behind temp.

    Yes, there is global warming caused by increased sun luminosity (Mars ice cap is shrinking too), and that may cause global catastrophy and yes, we should be kinder to the environment, but the causeal link of human CO2 and global warming is baseless.

  2. It depends. If some Syr Daria hydro-electric power station was making your electricity, it might be less impact. But it looks like an attribution error: China produces X amount of waste and you consume Y% of China's total consumption... Therefore they say your footprint is Y% of X.

    The fact that much heavy industry is located there, and in the US, means that they export a lot of what they produce, so it doesn't work.

  3. That may be broz, but anything I do to reduce CO2 also happens to reduce other pollutants, so I'll be reducing my carbon footprint.

    I was thinking the same thing, John.

  4. I scored an 11.

    What's frustating is the things I could do or am trying to do in my lifestyle, wouldn't have budged my score a bit.

  5. I tried putting in the absolute best case scenario in the US to see if you could get down to one planet. You could, but it would have been a pretty miserable existance since I don't care to live in a 700 sq ft place with 7 people or make my children walk 5 miles a day.

    It's a lot more useful if you encourage people to do some reasonable things. But that seems to be the goal of most environmentalists. You just hear about the fanatics. :)