21 April 2007

gDiapers and Dishwasher Detergent

It's been a while since I've done diapers- almost 4 years. I don't miss them, but I don't plan on having those diapers 4 years ago be the last diapers we ever have to deal with.

Those were disposable diapers though. There were lots of reasons that I chose disposable, but the main one was that cloth diapers really are fairly nasty to deal with (this idea was reconfirmed in the baby house). I love the idea of cloth diapers, but washing them and dealing with the smells from them doesn't sound like fun. But I don't think I can justify disposables anymore.

Today I read about gDiapers. Basically they're a washable outer layer and a flushable inner layer. Perfect. You can even compost the inner layer if it's just wet. This sounds like the best of both worlds- easy clean-up without the smell, but environmentally friendly. After poking around on the internet (there are lots of reviews now, I'm late on this one since I don't have any children in diapers, so I haven't read about diapers in a long time, and these sure weren't around in 1999-), and the reviews are generally positive. The fit and some leaking are the biggest problems, which doesn't really concern me since you just have to find a diaper that works for you and, whether it's cloth or disposable or flushable. If they work, they work. You can't know till you try them. I've never met a diaper than didn't leak sometimes.

They are reasonably expensive, certainly more than basic cloth diapers, but they are similar in price to disposables. I plan to try these if we ever need diapers again.

And I tried several different kinds of better-for-the-environment dishwasher detergents- all the kinds I could find in my less-than-environmentally-conscious town. The Wave detergent was AWFUL. It left all sorts of residue on the dishes and created so many suds that the dishwasher actually quit working at times. Seventh Generation was much better, but I like Ecover best. I'll continue buying this one (and trying new ones I can find).

Has anyone tried any of these?


  1. You can buy a lot of eco-friendly dishwashing detergents (in bulk) at amazon in the grocery section. Right now if you buy $99 worth any Seventh Generation products, then you get $20 off. Of course then you're not supporting a local business. But we also live in a town where it is hard to find responsible goods. Ecover's stain remover (for clothes) is great:) My favorite.

  2. I had heard that about Amazon, but never checked there, so I just did. They did have some good bulk prices. And bulk is a good way to go. We do have one store that carries eco friendly products that I like to support, but since it doesn't have much, I think Amazon might be a very good choice. Thanks!

  3. I'll ask my sister-in-law

  4. I did a blog entry today about the diapers as I've been getting some questions about the ones we use (bumGenius). We're pretty lucky that we have 2 big organic/all-natural markets within 30 miles of us (Earthfare, which is by far my favorite, and Whole Foods) so it's easier to find things. The Ecover Tablets are the best I think but I like 7th gen dishwashing soap (in Citrus) best... We've been trying all the different kinds of supplies and have finally figured out what we like! I hope you're able you find the products you're wanting!!

  5. Before I had my first baby, I thought I'd do cloth. But, the convenience of disposables won out. I read an article that said disposables and cloth actually use the same amount of energy - it's just a matter of which resource you want to use up/conserve.

    I found out about gDiapers a while back and thought I'd try them if I was ever lucky enough to be back in the diaper phase again. Now that I'm having triplets, I'm not sure, but I still may give them a shot.

  6. I'm inclined to think triplets would be the ultimate test for anything.