28 March 2007


We got the quilt frame set up this weekend. I pulled out this Log Cabin quilt and discovered I had quilted more than half of it. What a nice surprise. I have more than one half-quilted quilt sitting around. I never manage to finish them before we have to move again. I've checked out several books on tape and am ready to get this one done. I started piecing this (by hand; if it were done my machine, I never could have sewed it well enough to have posted a picture of it here) before younger son was born. About time to get it finished, no?


  1. Just gorgeous. And I am awed by hand-piecing. I quilt by hand, piece by machine. After finally finishing the "6-year-quilt" (super king size, for my brother's 10th anniversary. Presented at Christmas after the 15th anniversary, I now focus on small projects, like knitting mittens & socks :-) More power to you!

  2. Thanks! I discovered that using the sewing machine is so frustrating for me that it's not worth it. I HATE sewing machines for most jobs. But hand piecing is relaxing. I can listen to a book on tape or to music or talk to someone or watch NOVA. Sewing machines aren't friendly or quiet.

    And I don't make anything that has to be finished at a certain time. :)