20 March 2007

It's Due

Do you ever check out books with the old due date slips? There aren't many libraries that use these anymore, but one of the libraries we go to does. This slip is from Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia. It's heyday was clearly the mid-90s. Only 11 people have checked it out since 1999.

I wonder about all those lonely books sitting on the shelves. I'm apparently the first person to check out Turkestan and the Fate of the Russian Empire and Kyrgyzstan: The Word about Homeland and even Holy War in China- a provocative title. And it looks like Tribal Nation has been ignored till now except by one person in the spring of 2005 who appears to have written a paper on Turkmenistan. It's clear this university does nothing with Central Asia.

Oral Epics of Central Asia had a great due date slip but I forgot to get a picture of it before I returned it this morning. Sad. But The Languages of China has three slips all stacked on each other. I'm glad the librarians were a bit lazy.

The boys also found a few hand-cranked pencil sharpeners there. I was a bit surprised when they didn't know what it was. They've only seen electric ones. I like the old sharpeners. They made such a satisfying grinding sound and there was always a pleasant smell of wood.

(This is actually an up-to-date library; it just has a few relics like these left.)

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  1. hah! I know what you mean. In fact, even though my old college library (SOAS) has self-checkout machines, people still prefer to take books and get them stamped at the checkout counter. Moreover, what could be more lonely than a book that doesn't even have a checkout slip?