24 March 2007

I was going to blog Melissa's 10 books I can't live without, but I realized there aren't 10 such books. I found out in Kyrgyzstan that instead of wanting to reread any books, I just wanted new books. There are too many books out there waiting to be read to worry about the ones I've already read. I still have favorites, but I can live without them.

Now, if we were talking about 10 books that would have been a tragedy to have never been written, well, that would be a different story. I could come up with books for that list.


  1. Then go for it: I never liked cliffhangers!

  2. It would take more time to come up with those books than I'm willing to give right now. You can think of your own though. :)

  3. I want to hear your list. I think my own question would be slightly different, "What are the books that, if you hadn't read them, you would be someone different than you are?" or maybe said less awkwardly "What books changed you?" or "What books have become part of who you are?" though those aren't quite what I mean either. =)

    Maybe that list would be too long, though, so that I should narrow it to "Top ten books that changed who you are." Hard to decide, but Dostoyevsky's big 3 are probably in there, Tolkien, and Heidi.

  4. Oh, I totally agree, Amira. I don't think I've re-read any of those books on my list more than a few times. And I've given up reading a Jane Austen annually. There are really just too many books on my to be read list to spend time reading ones I've read before.

    Even so, I like having those books around me. I like knowing that they're there to read. And, I'm more than glad that I've read them all. Maybe that's what I'm going for on my list.