25 March 2007

Google Reader

Have you noticed the new box on the sidebar? I started using google reader about a month ago and it's been a good thing. It's handy for keeping track of all the blogs I read, especially those that aren't updated much. The only trouble is that I comment a lot less often since I rarely go to the actual blog site anymore (not that I commented a lot before). But I also can put links to posts I enjoy in that handy little box. They usually will be related to Central Asia or food, but they could be about anything.


  1. I thought I was switching to Google Reader from Bloglines but I still find Bloglines easier to manage.

  2. Oh, so that's where you've gone! I was wondering why you never commented anymore...

  3. I never used Bloglines much, and I'm betting on google reader getting better, so I decided to pick the one I thought I'd use long term.

    I try to remember to comment on yours Melissa since yours was one of the few I used to comment on much. Obviously I'm not doing very well.